Have you ever faced this kind of situation for your favorite watch?



BRIGHTHORN is a water-based cleaner especially for your watch to keep it beautiful and clean.


Your watch is not only for timekeeping but also represents yourself. If it becomes dirty and old, would this be something bother you? However, it is difficult to find a product that can keep your watch clean and shiny easily at your home.

BRIGHTHORN can let you keep your important watch neat and beautiful whenever you want.

Just like your favorite shoes that you can polish it frequently and use it longer, you can use BRIGHTHORN to clean your watch, thus keep it attractive for a long time.

Please watch our videos and experience the power of our product.

*…You can just simply spray it on the watches without dipping in. Our video is a demonstration to show how it works with waterproof watch.

This is the real-life application for BRIGHTHORN.



Safety Assurance

ecoBRIGHTHORN can clean, deodorize and kill bacteria.
Besides, it is safe to use.


BRIGHTHORN does not dissolve or reduce the dirt, but use ultra-miniaturized water particles to make it float and be removed easily. It can also deodorize and kill bacteria at the same time. Especially for the hot seasons, the watch band may be smelly and sweaty, anti-virus and sterilization will be essential for those days.

Our product includes neither dissolving agent nor abrasive. The oral toxicity is very low (1/200 of table salt) such that it is also safe to clean your engagement ring, wedding ring and other accessories.

It is not corrosive for rubber packaging, aluminum, iron, copper, silver, gold, platinum, etc.

Apart from strong cleaning effect, it can also prevent rust, bacteria, dirt and have deodorize and antistatic effect.

Can BRIGHTHORN be applied on every watches and accessories?

It will be fine if the watch is waterproof and the accessory is metallic. For coral and opal, there is a possibility that the texture may be changed after usage.


How the dirt is removed


Water particles and alkali ions are too large to get into the dirty gaps.


BRIGHTHORN particles are small enough to get into the dirty gaps.


They can directly stick onto the dirt, make it floats and remove it.

To ensure the safety, we have also got safety certificates.


Report from Japanese Food Report Laboratories

What is GHS?

‘Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals’ is a globally harmonized hazards classification for chemicals that includes labels and safety data sheets, which finally builds up the world-wide rules.

Japan puts efforts in promoting GHS through the collaboration between Ministry of the Environment and relevant ministries.

How safe is BRIGHTHORN?

・It will be safer than drinking a cup of coffee, even if you drink a bottle of BRIGHTHORN (300ml)
・It is dangerous if you take the same amount of caffeine and table salt.
・It can be used on kids’ toys to clean and sterilize too.

Comparison with other cleaners


Q & A

QCan I use on every watches?
AYes, you can use on any watches. As we do not include any abrasive ingredient, you can use on luxury watches, jewelries, diamond and other accessories also. However, for some coral, pearl, and opal which will be easily weaken by water, it will not be applicable. On the other hand, when applying on watches with weak waterproofness, please be careful not to spray on the watch face.
QIs there any other things I can apply it to?
ABRIGHTHORN use particles which are smaller than water to separate and remove dirt. Not only for luxury watches, accessories and other jewelries, metallic objects, chandelier, golf club and other things can also be applied it to keep them hygienic.
QIs it safe??
AJust as we said in “Safety Assurance”, it is safe even if you drink it carelessly.
QIs there any difference between dipping in and spraying?
AYou can just simply spray it on the watches without dipping. Our video is only a demonstration. For the waterproof watches, the most efficient way is to spray on the entire body and wait for 1 minute. Then, use a glasses cloth to wipe it. You can rinse it with water, but the antifouling effect will be lost.
QIs there any expiry date?
ABasically it has no expiry date. However, there is a possibility that the substance will be changed due to storage environment, so better use it within 1 year after purchase.
QHow often should I apply it?
AFor watches that are used every day, it will be fine if you apply it once a month. Most of our customers use it at the time as frequently as polishing their shoes.

Words from the Founder

I would like to make everyone smile without worries, which BRIGHTHORN is the liquid solution to solve every problem in the world.

The idea of developing BRIGHTHORN SWISS comes from the problem raised in Basel, Swiss, where there are many watch manufacturers. The high cleaning cost, breeding bacteria, uncomfortable smell and other difficulties have been big problems for a long time. In order to solve this problem, we had done a lot of experiment and finally got a solution. It becomes the product we are now having.

Though we are now promoting cleaners for precious metal and luxury watches, in the future we would like to release completely waterproof, safe and organic make-up products, shampoo, and medical bath agent especially for elderly, etc.


Why not try one with a lower price first?



We provide a bottle with reasonable price for you to experience the effect of BRIGHTHORN. It can be used for about 10 – 30 watches.

3,300 yen
Discounted price
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BRIGHTHORN for Second-hand Watch Shops


【Bulk Purchase】 BRIGHTHORN 3 Bottles Package

This package offers you 3 BRIGHTHORNs, which can clean about 30 ~ 100 wristwatches. It costs about 55 Yen per one watch. Most of our customers used BRIGHTHORN to clean the watch band and we received many thumbs up for that. Please watch our video to know the power of BRIGHTHORN.

9,000 yen
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